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Yazd is one of the oldest cities of Iran with a history of over 5,000 years, remaining intact throughout the centuries. It is located in central Iran built almost entirely out of adobe.
Being separated from the modern areas, the traditional part of the city is carefully preserved and protected.
Yazd has some of the finest examples of Persian traditional desert residential architecture. It is of foremost importance as a center of Persian architecture.


The people living in Yazd province are of Iranian origin and Aryan race. They speak Persian with a Yazdi accent.
The people of Yazd are mostly Shiite Muslims while Jewish, Zoroastrian and Christian minorities coexist peacefully in the province. Zoroastrians have traditionally constituted a big community in Yazd. Presently, Zoroastrians make up about 10 percent of the town’s population. The Zoroastrians preserve their ancestor’s language and speak Parsi Dari. After the Islamic conquest of Persia the Zoroastrians' fire temple was converted into a mosque but a dignified new fire temple was established 1,300 years later.

The fire on the inside has been burning for over 1500 years.


Zoroastrians Fire Temple (Atashkadeh) The fire on the inside has been burning for over 1500 years.


Tourism Destination

Beside historical aspects, Yazd is one of the developed and industrial cities of Iran. Traditional hotels in historical part of the city as well as luxurious ones in the modern part host international and domestic tourists in high seasons which are known as spring, autumn, and winter.

Visitors can enjoy an unforgettable experience in Desert Tour while being amazed by greenness of the countryside in just 40 km away from the city.


The Weather
During the spring and autumn, weather is fairly mild while most of the rainfall occurs during this time. The city is the host of many tourists in these seasons.
Summer is typically very hot and dry in Yazd with the sun shining almost continuously during the day.
In winter, days remain mild and sunny, but in the morning the thin air and low cloudiness cause cold temperatures that can sometimes fall below 0 °C.

Living in Yazd
Nice rhythm of life, calm streets (low traffic), high safety, and clean streets and passages make Yazd a peaceful place to live. As compared with other large cities, living cost is quite low in Yazd as one with a minimum of 300$ a month can easily afford life expenses.



Diverse, pleasant, and healthy confectionery has made Yazd the capital of confectionery in Iran with an international popularity. With reasonable prices you can enjoy your time in wonderful restaurants serving Iranian foods as well as international ones.



For 23 consecutive years, thanks to high quality schools and skilled instructors, Yazd has been ranked first regarding the number of students passing National University Entrance Exam (known as Concours). Annually more than half of the top students come from Yazd.
Yazd is the home of many popular Politicians, International leaders, Scientists, Poets, Writers, and Artists.


Health Care System
Thanks to committed and devoted physicians accompanied by specialized and high tech health care and clinical facilities, Yazd is a pioneer in tourism therapy serving many patients from southern Iran. Health indexes have always been in top levels.



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