YAZD inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List

10 July 2017

The World Heritage Committee meeting in Krakow, Poland inscribed the historic city of Yazd on UNESCO’s World Heritage List on July 9, 2017.

With a history of over 5000 years, Yazd is believed to be the world’s oldest adobe city and the second most historic city of the world. Since Iran’s other UNESCO-listed cities are all uninhabited, Yazd is now the first city on the list in which a large population continues to live. A unique Persian architecture remaining intact through the centuries, astonishing ventilation system in desert by Badgir, peaceful coexistence of different religions, high adaptation to the nature and amazing tourist attractions have made Yazd a Must-See city of Iran.

Students from all over the world are kindly invited to study at the heart of history and experience modern education in an ancient city.

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